The Potter and Clay

The role of a pottery is not complete without a potter’s wheel,the wheel is used to complement the two hands of the potter in shaping ceramics.

God’s creature are the clay in  God’s hand while,God is the potter.

Therefore  patient plays a key role in the shaping process of the clay because it involves trials,dark moments, hardship,failure, suffering, sorrow, weeping and lack.

Patient in this context is the ability or stamina to accept or tolerate delays, suffering without desperation, anger or weakness of mind.

I read in the social media the unfortunate story of a young man who is less than 30 years wanted to get rich on the fast track thereby decided to use her own biological mother for money ritual.

He hit the mother on forehead with sharp object and scoop her blood with white handkerchief for the ritual but luck ran against him and he is now in Police net.

The action of this young man is desperation and inability to allow itself to be molded by the potter.

“I know my thoughts that l think towards you,saith the Lord,thoughts of peace,and not of evil,to give you an expected end”jer29:11.

The ability to endure the shaping process in the hand of the potter is rewarding because it prepared us as a vessel for his glory.

In order to explain this better in Jer18:1-6 God directed Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house to witness the practical process  of a potter’s dexterity.

As Jeremiah stood at the door watching the potter performance he grasp the lesson  God was trying to impart into him.

As the Potter was shaping a vessel in his hand it collapse on him,but the potter was not discouraged and never give up.

He packed the pieces and continue to work and reshape it into his desired  and perfect shape.

“O house of lsreal,cannot l do with you as this potter?saith the Lord.Behold as the clay is in the potter’s hand,so are ye in mine hand,O house of lsreal”jer18:6

There is nothing we can not achieve as long as we allowed God to shape us with his hand.

He shut Sarah womb till she born   lsaac through whom the covenant of Abraham was fulfilled.

Barren Racheal gave birth to Joseph who became Governor of Egypt and delivered many nations from hunger.

Today, we must have determination to surrender our lives to the potter for perfect molding,shaping and baking.

So that we can be his vessel for honor and Glory and that lies in our faith and ability to rise above challenge to toe the right path which is Christ.

I pray that the power to wait upon the Lord for perfect shaping of our lives shall uphold us in Jesus name.

Thanks for sparing your  precious time to read. Thanks and God bless.


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