A Talent can be described as a gift (wisdom) “Ogbon” in Yoruba parlance. It is a skill one naturally acquires to do what others finds difficult. Its inborn.

The different between Talent and Skill is that while Talent is what one is born with,Skills requires learning.

The present day government at the states level have keyed into that initiative of setting up skills acquisition centres in various localities to empower our youth through various skills. soap making,shoe, Hair stylist,Tailoring,Air conditioner,  refrigerator, welding and carpentry etc.

This are skills acquired through learning but Talent is different its inborn.

Matthew 25:14-30 describes Talent. The name Matthew itself means Gift of God so no one does it better.

The lesson refers to the disciples of Christ which you and l represents,we are to use our God given Talents to develop God’s calling.

My question to you this hour is How are you using God’s given Talent?

Everyone has Talent,no matter how dumb or stupid the person is made of.

Talent is not limited to believers of Christ,Unbelievers also have Talent.

Jesus was speaking in parables to the disciples in the passage.

He fondly passes his message across parables, the beauty of it all is that he will come to the lowest level for clear understanding of the parable.

The disciples once queried him.”Why do you speak to us in Parables”Matt13:10-13.

Jesus replied them “To you it has been given the secret of the kingdom”

The lesson describes a traveling Master with three servants.

He gave one five talents,to another he gave two,and to the last he gave one.

The one with five traded with his five and increase it to five,same with the one with two traded with his own and increase it to four but the one with one talent digged the earth and buried his own talent. Matt25:14-18.

A Talent is useless if not put in good use that is why burial ground has the largest wasteful Talents.

Some were given Talents to resolve conflicts in the body of Christ. They dissipated so much energy and time to resolve conflict and ensure that Peace reign.

Some are given wealth to uplift the church of God in terms of meeting the needs of the downtrodden and contributing to church building and welfare.

Individual given Talent is not for personal but for the benefit of others,by so doing the Glory of God will manifest.

The Choir,Shepherd, sidesmen and woman,Preacher and Evangelist must display their Talent,he who hide his Talent can not flourish.

Talent displayed gives one an Excellent and Gains but usually its not an immediate gain,it could be delayed but it will surely come,no wasted effort.

In Daniel 2 Daniel interpreted dream for Nebcadnezzar when all astrologers,magicians and Baal prophets failed vs31-47 .

The king ordered them slain because they could not interpret the dream ,but the secret was revealed to Daniel in the dream and after he interpreted the dream,the king lavished him with gifts and made him the Head of the wise men in Babylon.

But ln Daniel 5-6 His gift paid up well, Belshasser the king had his own dream “An hand writing on the wall”after drinking with golden and silver vessel.

When the king was disturbed the queen offered succour by introducing Daniel to the king “O king,live for ever: let not thy thoughts trouble thee,nor let thy countenance be changed: There is a man in thy kingdom,in whom the spirit of the holy gods;and the days of thy father light and understanding and wisdom of the gods,was found in him;whom the king Nebuchadnezzar thy father, made masters astrologer, Chaldeans and soothsayers.”

Daniel interpreted the dream and the king ordered him to be decorated and he was clothed with scarlet,with a golden chain on his neckneck.

The king made a proclamation that Daniel should be made 3rd in command a replica of what we have as Nigeria senate president of today. Dan5:29-30.

His Talent did not pay up very well during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar but paid  up during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar’s son  king Belshazzar.


Talent has nothing to do with age its wisdom of God that knew no bounds.

A child can be wiser than adult,but it  takes the grace of God to manage Talent. Deut17:17-19 predicted that lsreal will have a king but such king must not acquire horses and chariots and this was what Solomon did.

The wives he acquired turned his heart away from worshipping  true God.

The Parable of the Talent was given by Jesus and no one knows the hour,minute or time he might return.

The first two servants use the talent  God gave them perfectly and they had increase .

At the end of their sojourn their master said to them: Well done faithful servants.

l pray that same gesture shall be accorded to you at the throne of judgement of the last day.

Thank you and God bless.


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