Reward of Hospitality

Hospitality is a warm and friendly  reception and entertainment towards a guest,visitor or a stranger.

Asides from individual corporate and small medium scale enterprise has imbibe hospitality as a key  responsibility to have edge in their competitive market and service delivery.

Churches, mosque and other religious organization also engages in hospitality through community relations by embarking on wide range projects.

Like tying of road,electrification of streets, sinking of boreholes and other relief materials that makes life worth living.

Hoteliers and clubs are not left out in provision of wide range of hospitality to win their customers heart.

Do you exhibit hospitality in your work place to please the customers to avoid being reported to your management for unruly behavior that can lead to sack or you observed hospitality in your personal business because of competition?

If you are in this category, then you need “attitudinal change” Hospitality should be your way of life.

If villagers who are not lettered can have initiative of giving you water on arrival from long journey, what stops you from doing the same as educate elite?

Are you the type that hid his or her soup pot and food stuffs away from visitors thereby leaving your visitor with sadness and regret for visiting you.

Do you realise the impact that hospitality can have in your future relationship with friends and relations?

If you value others you will be valued too.

Hospitality allows you to gain from others when they share their knowledge and experience with you.

Being hospitable in summary is about understanding others need and helping to meet that particular needs at the right time.

This was exactly what Jesus Christ did  Mark6:34-44  recorded  that it was late hours of the day and the disciples went to Jesus and said.

“This is a desolate place and the hour is late .Dismiss the crowd so they can go to sorrounding,country side  and villages to buy themselves something to eat”

To Jesus,that sounds selfish on the part of the disciples, Jesus knew that not all the people will be buoyant to afford buying of food.

So Jesus replied”You give them something to eat” That is hospitality in display, a boy with five loaves and two fishes rescued the situation.

Jesus did the unimaginable by blessing the five loaves and two fishes and the multitude were fed yet twelve basket still remains.

Do you bless your monthly meager salary by tithing so that the 9% left over can be enough for you?

Gen.18:1-18 also account on how Abraham welcomed his three guest in the Mamreh forest with hospitality. He wash their dusty foot,prepare a meal for them and allowed them to rest.

After eating and relaxing they bless him and his wife.

  • “l will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life;and lo,Sarah thy wife shall have a son” Hospitality makes seemingly impossible so easy.

A seed  they have been longing for became father of all nation as God promised Abraham.

Hospitality open doors of blessings and opportunities for anyone that imbibe it as a way of life.

“He who sow sparingly shall reap sparingly”2cor9:6

The spirit of hospitality that would magnetise our blessings and opportunities shall envelope our lives in Jesus name.



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