Fear is fast killing than any syndrome . We started 2018 with fear, we journeyed into the middle and ended the year with fear.

Fear is a terrible spirit once we allow it to dwell in us, it weakens the pillar of our faith.

Once the pillar gradually gets weaker then we resort to self help or caved in to ill advise to seek assistance from Egypt (Herbalist,lmam, Baal Prophet, Baal Shepherds and Baal Pastors.

Fear makes it impossible for people to attain their height in life, fear prevented the first sets of lsrealites from  possessing the land of Canaan flowing with milk and honey.

Only two of the twelve spies Joshua and Caleb that have confidence that the land can be possessed.

The remaining ten have no confidence because they were  overwhelmed with fear and they sowed a seed of insecurity and fear into the minds of the lsrealites.

Job never entertain fear nor looked back when he was in tribulations and trial  “Man born of a woman is of few days full of trouble” job14:1.

In Exod14:10-14 The Bible records that the lsrealites lifted up their up their eyes and saw the Egyptian coming after them and they were so afraid, they were overwhelmed with fear. And they began to mock Moses for not let them alone in Egypt.

But Moses told them “Fear ye not stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord which he will show you today” Exo14:13.

If only you and l can be patient we would surely see God’s Glory.

One unique thing about God is that he Springs up surprises when all hopes are dashed.

The Bible says God heard the voice of the lad and told Hagar “fear not” And God open her eyes to see a well of water and she filled the bottle with water for the lad to drink Gen21:17,19.

His promises for those who can stand still is still valid… “When thou passest  through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: walkest  through the fire thou shalt burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon thee”  lsaiah 43:2.

In total sum water, river and fire are the Trials and tribulations war, disaster, famine. fear to pay rent and utilities bill or child school fees.

Fear of what to eat tomorrow  and so on. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” Matt6:33.

He added that we should not should not bothered about what to eat, drink or clothing or shelter.

He assured that all those material things will be divinely sorted out.

I pray that the Lord will uproot the spiritual of fear from you in Jesus name.

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