Be Courageous

Courage is an inward habit built through self confident.

To have a successful foundation for Courage you must avoid comparing yourself with others or admit limitation.

Above all you must be ready to take risk because nothing good comes easy.

When fear and intimidation pervades the air, courage is enabler  that helps one to move forward.

Often when a bread winner of a home passed on there will be fear and apprehension of survival on how to cope with child raising vis a viz feeding and tuition fees.

But God is telling such widow to be strong and courageous. When someone looses his or her job he feels like committing suicide, but

God who is a provider of more profitable job said l should tell you that he will make a way for you where you least expected,a better job is on the way.

Oh!,you are fed up with your marriage because of pressure from your mother in law due to long years of marriage without fruit of the womb.

God said you should be strong and courageous  because those women with challenges in the Bible that suffered delayed pregnancy ended up giving birth to a Glorious child.

Have you concluded that no more good men on earth because you had a heart break and disappointment from your girlfriend or boyfriend?

What you should know is that  your destined husband or wife will not jilt or betrayed you.

So God is telling you to be strong and courageous because he is  making a better choice of wife or husband for you.

Moses led the lsrealites out of Egypt but when he became feeble at age 120 he had to hand over the mantle of leadership to Joshua.

“I am 120 years old today l am no longer able to go in and come out”Deut31:2.

Moses knew the responsibility of leading the lsrealites to the promise land is herculean task which may attract  fear for Joshua, so he needs to be  encourage  for the task ahead of him .

So he said to Joshua “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake”Deut.31:8

God is assuring you as you read me that He is with you in whatever situation or tribulation you may find yourself and He is ready to see you through  your challenges.

All you need is to be strong and courageous.

Thanks and God bless for sparing your precious time  to read  me.

Evang Babajide Runsewe  Shepherds CCC Temidire Sabo Parish1 Sagamu III.Sabo Kara Sagamu Ogun state.


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